Jon Glass


Always a lover of music, Jon Glass got his first taste of music production at 18 years old. While attending college in Boston, Glass started messing around with Fruity Loops knowing little to nothing about music production and beat making. Glass later dropped out of his major in Industrial Design and began to pursue Audio and Media Technology at the nearby New England Institute of Art.

Glass spent years slowly building up his home studio space till he had the necessary equipment to start producing, recording and mixing for the variety of local talent he was working with. All the hard work and dedication started to pay off when Glass later formed Glasshouse Productions, which soon became a home to some of Massachusetts' most talented and promising MC's including young up and comers like Token, Composition, and Du-KaRan.

While focusing on producing music for the team, Glass started to get the attention of veteran MC's like Reks, Singapore Kane, Mdot and Termanology, and additionally placed numerous records with the Cypher Circuit.

Most of Glass’s production can be found on this curated Spotify playlist. The playlist features Glass’s work with Reks, M-Dot, Termanology, Token and many more. Aside from mentoring (and discovering) the artist Token (from Salem, MA), he finds himself dedicating his Tuesdays strictly to producing and mentoring (younger) up and coming producers and artists with what they’re working on. Glass continues to work and mentor aspiring talent outside of his allotted Tuesdays. Glass recently discovered Lomel – an artist with “raw natural talent” that Glass has helped build and develop. Glass and his team have additionally helped with the recordings and mixings of the work produced by Tyler Loyal, an artist originally from Malden, MA. While working with producers Motif and Kas, Glass assisted as a producer on two tracks featured on Ralph Weah’s debut album “Owe Me Diamonds”.

Glass has been interviewed by sources such as BasedBoston and Sway in the Morning on his journey as a producer.

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